Mobile Service Centers (MSC)

A pioneer in Mobile Maintenance, each Amerit Mobile Service Center is a virtual rolling garage, customized, equipped and stocked to service your fleet’s assets in remote locations, independent of a garage location.

Improved Performance

The Amerit MSCs improve the total performance and health of your fleet by providing qualified, comprehensive preventive maintenance (PM) and repair services, complete with data entry into your fleet maintenance systems.

Reduced Downtime

Our MSC is the perfect solution for those areas where your vehicles are experiencing long wait times for services or where they must travel long distances to find a supplier. Our MSCs eliminate downtime by traveling to you, not vice versa. With 24/7 operating capabilities, EPA compliant on-location services, comprehensive PMs and bumper to bumper safety inspections, the Mobile Service Center will quickly eliminate those long waits and get your fleet back on the road, where it belongs.

Bottom-line savings

The Amerit MSC allows you to avoid the unnecessary costs that occur when your drivers must deliver the vehicle over long distances to a service facility. These additional miles not only consume costly fuel, but also add to the general wear and tear on the vehicle.

And with comprehensive repair and maintenance capabilities, the MSC will eliminate 95% or more, of high-priced third-party services. Each MSC is fully capable of servicing all PM and routine repairs for your fleet.

Ease of Scheduling

The MSCs operate when and where they are needed. Outfitted with an on-board wireless laptop or tablet, the Operating Technician will schedule service dates that best suit your fleet and can target service calls to routine downtimes.

Visibility and Control

Many maintenance vendors don’t provide the essential data you need, leaving you with blind spots that undermine your fleet management. The Amerit Mobile Service Center, equipped with Wi-Fi and on-board computer, captures and enters complete vehicle reports and maintenance history into your fleet maintenance system, giving you accurate and real-time information on your fleet’s performance.

Watch Our Mobile Service Center In Action

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