Outsourcing Fleet Maintenance

Client Industry:

Consumer Products

Fleet Type:

Heavy Duty and Trailers


In order to meet the needs of millions of customers everyday, [Client] relies on a large fleet of heavy tractors and both dry and refer trailers. The fleet averages 8,000 deliveries every day. As you can imagine, keeping these assets moving – in peak condition and on-time – is of the upmost importance.

Over time the client’s fleet management came to recognize a serious situation in two separate locations that needed immediate and lasting improvement. Identifying the need to make a change to their fleet maintenance practices, but also hesitant to overturn the successful practices in other locations, the client decided to send out an RFP as a pilot, enlisting new suppliers who could provide innovative solutions to help them improve 3 areas:

  • High percentage of downed units
  • Poor PM compliance
  • High 3rd party spend

Additionally, the client expressed interest in establishing a leading-edge maintenance program, minimizing costs per mile, keeping equipment safe and compliant, as well as insourcing as much work as possible.

As one of the largest teams of dedicated fleet maintenance experts in the nation, Amerit was up for the challenge and confident about making substantial improvements to their fleet while exceeding the client’s expectations.

Amerit understood the client was losing revenue in these locations and needed a tried and tested solution that would deliver results, fast. Our plan for success centered on:

  1. Creating a solution that would answer each of their needs directly, for their entire fleet in these specific locations.
  2. Flawlessly executing the solution without impacting fleet uptime or compliance.

Amerit’s Solution:

Amerit considered absolutely every facet of what the client needed to make the improvements to their fleet that they were looking for. The plan had to examine correct staffing levels and proper skills to handle the large, diverse fleet. We also examined proper tooling and equipment, garage safety, floor plans and work flows, work schedules and fleet management systems.

Our answer was a customized, full scale, Onsite Workforce Solution. The solution provided the full array to talented technicians, management, systems, tools and inventory coupled with an Implementation Plan that ensured full functionality on Day 1.

Implementing Success:

During the implementation process, the Amerit transition team worked behind the scenes to recruit, train and ready the technician teams, install systems and make garage improvements. Through our careful and deliberate process we were able to ensure no loss of performance within the fleet, while taking over the 2 shop locations.

The Three Areas of Amerit’s Flawless Implementation:

  1. Kick off meeting to unite the Amerit and Client teams
    1. Amerit creates a “play book” of all operations, processes and KPI requirements.
  2. Facility Setup – develop effective, streamlined processes
    1. Clean the shop, establish safe working conditions
    2. Recruit/transition existing staff with tact and sensitivity
    3. Audit and purchase tools, building out the full solution
  3. Go-live date with the location ready to go
    1. Fully staffed and tooled, computer systems were up and running


Our team dove in, worked hard and tackled the big, debilitating problems first, while still serving the fleet’s needs on a daily basis. Through their effort, the thoroughness of the solution and the seamless transition, the Client began to see improvements in the very first week!

Amerit’s Results include:

  • Over 35% Cost reduction
  • Down units reduced to less than 5%
  • Significantly improved PM currency
    • Within 5 weeks location 1 moved from 79 to 96% PM compliance
    • Location 2 has seen a 40% improvement in PM Compliance within a few months
  • Optimized staffing schedules to ensure 24×7 operation
  • Inventory optimization and tightened control
  • Work-order submission process improved to hit productivity levels

“I projected…you guys would save us $200k per period… as of Period 2, you are dead on target and we both look like Hero’s… – THANK YOU!!” – Regional Operations Manager

“… since we have taken over the garage at [XXX] facility the results have been exactly as we promised.… The technicians are being provided with the appropriate training to perform the tasks correctly and their hard work really shows in the uptime KPIs.” Fleet Manager

Our Commitment:

Amerit Fleet Solutions is committed to supporting the success of our employees and clients in all ways. Our ideals shine through in our expertise, our professionalism and our excellence. We encourage going the extra mile, doing what is right and what is necessary to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our highly skilled technicians and managers are the foundation of our ability to deliver best-in-class, single source fleet maintenance and pricing. As the industry leaders, we are committed to providing outstanding service to our clients, keeping their fleets rolling with maximum efficiency.

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