Nationwide, Single Source Supplier

Client Industry:


Fleet Type:

Medium to light duty, alternative fuel vehicles including electric, CNG and LNG


This nationwide telecommunications company was utilizing multiple maintenance suppliers. This complex network of small local garages and dealerships, each with different operating and billing models, made it nearly impossible for Fleet Management to enforce process standardization, deploy company-wide initiatives or even compare metrics between regions.

As a result, Fleet Operations developed a supply chain strategy that called for a single, nationwide supplier that would streamline processes, improve quality and efficiency and deliver significant savings and fielded an RFP from multiple maintenance companies.

Amerit’s Solution:

Amerit combined our service platforms to create a fully integrated, nationwide maintenance and repair program that provided a single source maintenance provider for all on-site, mobile and vendor management needs.

Amerit was awarded the full contract, which was, according to the Wall Street Journal, the largest fleet maintenance contract to be awarded to a single supplier.

Year after year, Amerit’s metrics show significant improvements in fleet performance, savings and efficiencies. Our complete data systems integration and KPI reporting provide consistent metrics across the entire fleet footprint, measuring performance and quality down to the garage level. Our single source structure also enabled fast, consistent communications from corporate out to the field and rapid adoption of new processes.

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